UTRUST Switzerland AG is excited to announce a new partnership with the leading blockchain security protocol, Trustroot (www.trustroot.io).

With this partnership UTRUST is doubling down on security and validity of transactions between individuals and companies who send payments on the platform. The addition of Trustroot’s verification will provide customers peace of mind while protecting them from phishing attacks, malware, and other advanced cyber security threats.

Nuno Correia, CEO of UTRUST, said “The partnership with Trustroot will provide our users with an additional layer of protection and security when making online payments. At UTRUST, customer protection is our highest priority, and we are excited to be partnering with Trustroot to keep our customers safe.”

Commenting on the partnership with UTRUST, Shayan Zadeh, CEO of Trustroot, said:

“The partnership with UTRUST is exciting because it allows us to greatly extend the number of transactions that we secure and advances our goal to create a safer environment for all cryptocurrency users.”

About UTRUST Switzerland AG:

UTRUST is the world’s first payment platform for cryptocurrencies featuring Buyer Protection and Instant Payments. The company is building a global PayPal-like payment platform with extensive cryptocurrency support. Providing faster, safer and more convenient payments is the platform’s ultimate goal, which will ensure large-scale adoption and user acceptance.Learn more about the project at www.utrust.com.

About Trustroot:

Trustroot is a blockchain protocol that protects individuals and businesses from fraud and theft within the cryptocurrency community. The protocol verifies the identity and trustworthiness of the blockchain business users interact with to help avoid scams, phishing attacks, and other fraudulent activity. Learn more about the project at www.trustroot.io.