UTRUST and Sparkster Announce a Strategic Alliance

UTRUST is the world’s first cryptocurrency payment solution to offer instant transactions, buyer protection & crypto-to-cash settlements. By acting as a third-party mediator, UTRUST provides the buyer with purchase protection in case any problem arises and provides sellers with chargeback protection and volatility protection by enabling crypto-to-cash settlements, bridging the gap between daily usage of cryptocurrencies as means of payment, keeping business as usual on the seller’s side.

Sparkster’s NO CODE platform reduces the time, effort and complexity of authoring Smart Software by more than 100x. If you can use Spreadsheets, with Sparkster’s Platform, now you can build Enterprise grade software without learning to code, and without having to understand the complexities of blockchain architecture!

Sparkster empowers you to bring your ideas to reality by enabling everyone to build Smart Software in a drag and drop manner and build powerful, high-performance software visually in plain English. This Smart Software is then run on the Sparkster Ultra High-Performance Decentralized Cloud at Millions of Transactions per Second.

UTRUST and Sparkster will be working together to bring about mainstream blockchain adoption. UTRUST will be available in the Sparkster Marketplace as an official integration, enabling everyone to build applications from scratch with an integrated Crypto Payment Gateway!

The Next Generation Sparkster Decentralized Cloud meets the needs of widespread Blockchain adoption by integrating safe, transparent and secure crypto payments through UTRUST.

Sajjad Daya, Founder & CEO of Sparkster.me said:
“I see the Blockchain empowering a whole new class of business, businesses that are PEOPLE POWERED. These businesses, much like Uber, will empower the community to sell their underutilized assets. These businesses will empower you to sell your rooftop solar power to your local community, or harvested rain water to your local farmer. Through our partnership with UTRUST, now these new businesses can not only be built on Sparkster 100x easier and faster than any other method but can easily and seamlessly transact in Crypto through our alliance with UTRUST.”

Nuno Correia, Founder & CEO of UTRUST added:
“We believe that making decentralized development more accessible goes in tandem with our vision of broadening its mainstream use. Either in the form of more blockchain use-cases for businesses, wider cryptocurrency adoption, higher efficiency, safety and ease of use for consumers.”

Test drive the future of software development at Sparkster.me/try. It’s simple enough that kids can do it. Also, check out UTRUST safe and secure crypto payments at utrust.com, and you can also give it a try at store.utrust.com where the MVP Payment Flow is up and running!