Today we are happy to share our Updated Roadmap for 2018/2019. With this update, we aim to show in more detail what we are currently working on and what will be delivered in our milestones throughout the next months.

Q2 2018 — April, May, June

In the past 2 1/2 months, we have been working extremely hard to deliver our MVP Product. At the ZeroIn Conference in Amsterdam we — for the first time ever — presented our working MVP for the UTRUST payment platform on the testnet. A few weeks later, we brought the Showcase Store to you.

Users around the world can now test the production version of the payment gateway while ordering UTRUST merchandise and contributing to a good cause — the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

We have also announced several partnerships. Among them the mobile payment technology provider UMT AG and the e-commerce giant Gambio.


Q3 2018 — July, August, September

Since then we have shifted the focus to a variety of other modules required to continue our goal to launch our platform to an exclusive selection of merchants in 2018. We are particularly excited to announce that the Mobile Wallet Beta Apps and APIs, as well as the ICO Escrow Beta System, are all ahead of schedule and will be delivered faster than expected.


Q4 2018 — October, November, December

In the final months of 2018, our primary focus will be on the acquisition of an E-money License in the European Union. This is a mandatory license that will enable us to safely and securely handle our clients money. Additionally, we will release the first public version of the ICO Escrow System and open up merchant signups to the public as well!


Q1 2019 — January, February, March

Q1 will ring in the official public launch of the official UTRUST Payment Platform. We will now be fully operational to the public! Merchants will be able to sign up freely and all of our previous Beta APIs will arrive in their first public version — to be used by developers worldwide!


Finally, stay tuned for a sneak peek of our ICO Escrow Platform right here on Medium very soon. Something that we think can very well change the landscape forever.

All the best,