UTRUST comes with a bright ambition, to make crypto-payments a simple and effortless process, powered by the state of the art technology which is based on high autonomy, safety, and efficiency.

As a team coming from different backgrounds and cultures, we are fortunate to have a likewise diverse, intelligent, and supportive community which inspires us every day and motivates us to deliver the best results possible. Together, we are extremely proud to be a mixture of multinational, talented, and forward-thinking individuals — all the different ideas and infinite enthusiasm — that’s what makes the clock tick!


The key is about turning seemingly complicated or mundane things simple(r).

We are on a journey to make #cryptorevolution in online payments happen, and without the team and our fans this road would not be possible. We have a strong confidence in what we are building because, besides common sense and best practices, we believe in our values. But why should (YO)U TRUST us?

Here is the list of our core values we would like to share with the community:


U — (YO)U & Usability — Our user is everything to us, but without a usable system, what’s all this for? In fact, our grand mission is not just to make UTRUST simple and easy to use, but to make all cryptocurrencies more usable than ever — buy anything with any cryptocurrency not having to worry about the fiat, or sell anything to crypto-users not having to worry about cryptocurrencies and receive your payment in fiat, seamlessly.

T — Time & Thoughtfulness — “Time is of the essence” — performance is the key and we have thought carefully about how will it affect both the buyer and the seller. The performance-based seller rating allows to evaluate the seller activity and accordingly adjust the transaction waiting time (i.e. the higher the performance-rating, the shorter the fund holding period). Of course, we are not talking here about the system performance — our developers are working hard to make it lightning fast! Every bit of a system is well thought-through keeping the user in mind in order to ensure pleasant and trustworthy experience, high standards, efficiency, and safety.

R — Robustness & Rivalry — When there is a viable idea, there will always be someone trying to accomplish it, one way or another. Rivalry is present in every aspect of our lives, whether it’s you and your brother deciding who’s better at tennis, or another business working on something similar to your product. We acknowledge our competitors and we admire them. Why? Because while we are learning from others’ road to success or failure, we can build our own road, avoid obstacles, improve on already uncovered and keep an open mind for yet to be discovered. And yes, this way is longer and more difficult than simply “copycatting” a successful scenario, but we are here for good, we are here to build a robust and working system which solves a problem of online payments.

U — Universality & being Unique — UTRUST allows anyone using the system to pay with almost any cryptocurrency there is. Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, you name it — we are crypto-tolerant and accept all currencies, whatever your crypto-specific preferences might be. Sounds good, right? But that’s not all. We are the only online payment platform which provides both free-choice of cryptocurrencies and groundbreaking buyer/seller protection mechanism. Nonetheless, if you happen to be our token holder, you will quickly notice that, as the platform grows in size, the token grows in value too. Synergy at its best.

S — Safety & Security — Blockchain. Our UTRUST token (UTK) is implemented as an ERC20-compatible coin built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Maybe we are biased because Vitalik is our “spirit animal”, or maybe it’s the robustness and versatility of the platform he built, we believe Ethereum gives us a strong foundation and roots to build something truly impressive. Blockchain. Blockchain technology not only provides safety and top-class security, but also exciting new opportunities the world hasn’t seen before. This train has just started to gain the momentum and we are confident we are stepping on at the right moment.

T — Trust & Team — There is U and there is TRUST in UTRUST. We are one entity, we are YOU, a community, a team. We are passionate, enthusiastic, fun, ambitious, and we are crazy about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We trust and we want to be trusted. And only with U we can build TRUST. Like one famous basketball coach once said: “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”. Let’s build UTRUST together.