UTRUST is the first and only cryptocurrency payment platform offering buyer protection and crypto-to-cash settlements for merchants around the world. Let your business accept cryptocurrencies.

Most of the world’s merchants in all industries are reluctant to accept cryptocurrency payments for a variety of reasons. Most likely, these merchants do not understand how the technology works and the few that do understand digital currency are almost always turned off by the volatility of coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

If a merchant does not want to take on the enormous task of learning crypto, the team at UTRUST thinks they should not have to.

There are many profitable ways to benefit from the class of people spending cryptocurrency, and it can be a totally “hands off” experience for the seller. In fact, UTRUST can enable sellers to significantly increase the potential sales in an instant — without any hassle or downtime.

Instead of wasting time worrying about the intimidating new technology and the world of crypto, UTRUST will enable buyers to purchase what they want using cryptocurrency, and then the merchant gets paid in traditional fiat. This means that sellers do not need to change anything about their business at all, and they can still welcome the people who want to spend crypto — without ever touching it.


Better Business

There is a new generation of consumers who are ready to spend — those who only shop and purchase goods with crypto. Instead of turning them away, merchants can sell anything for any amount and be paid in fiat because UTRUST converts crypto into cash settlements right there ON THE SPOT.

As a merchant looking out into the sea of new shoppers, it can become discouraging when you are unable to do business due to conflicting checkout options.

With UTRUST, merchants and vendors will open the door to an endless stream of buyers who otherwise would spend happily with the next merchant who accommodates their preferences. Consumers who spend cryptocurrency represent many millions of dollars, and UTRUST will funnel some of those dollars in the direction of your cash register.

Anyone who positions their business to encourage clients who use cryptocurrency will be at the front of the line as the world gradually adopts blockchain based crypto into the mainstream.

Additionally, UTRUST sellers enjoy many perks.

  • Payment Protection
  • No credit card fraud
  • No chargebacks
  • Low fees
  • All satisfactory sales are final
  • The highly profitable “niche” made of cryptocurrency users (Billions of dollars on the playing field)
  • Merchants get to continue collecting payments as they prefer to — nothing changes except the increase in profits
  • Sellers get fiat (if they choose so) for all transactions because UTRUST collects the buyer’s funds and settles them against cash on the spot.

It’s a streamlined and straightforward solution for merchants, bridging the gap between future and traditional payment systems. Merchants sell more merchandise, buyers get a better selection, and commerce as we know it gets an upgrade thanks to the vision being brought to life by UTRUST.